Manual capsule filler, The Capsule Machine, for...

Manual capsule filler, The Capsule Machine, for 24 caps

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  • Intended for individuals, beginners
  • Allows you to prepare your capsules yourself (DIY)
  • Full kit composed of a capsule filler base for 24 capsules, a top, a tamper, a stand and a spreader card
  • Small, light, easy to use and easy to carry
  • Closes, joins and ejects the filled capsules in only two movements
  • Available for capsules size 000size 00size 0 and size 1
  • Instruction provided in English
  • Instruction for use available in several languages in the attachments section



Every capsule filler is controlled and tested before being shipped.

What are the benefits of this capsule filler?

Economical and ecological, fully recyclable, it allows you to create your own blends, at home, with quantities exactly adjusted to your needs. 

How to maintain this capsule filler?

The cleaning is carried out without any difficulty with lukewarm water cleaning.

How many capsules can we fill at once?

Quick and easy to use: fills 24 capsules in less than two minutes, and up to 150 capsules per hour!

What type of product can we use to fill the capsules?

Preferentially powders.

5.5 cm
6.5 cm
10 cm
150 g
plastic (ABS), fully recyclable
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