Capsules in Pullulan

The pullulan is a naturel polysaccharide polymer, consisting of maltotriose units.

It is made by fermentation of Tapioca, without any chemical process.

The pullulan is a white powder, odorless, testless.

There is no allergy with the pullulan.

It is also gluten-free, starch-free, sugar-free

The pullulan is widely used in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

What are the benefits of these capsules ?

- There are smooth, shiny and perfectly transparent.

- Easy to swallow

- A very short disintegration time. Ideal solution for immediate release or fast acting applications.

- Hight protection from the oxydation of the product Inside.

- They can help mask pungent tastes and odors from some ingredients such as garlic.

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