Precautions of use 

The capsules should be kept in strictconditions of temperature (15 ° to 25 ° C) and relative humidity (35-65% RH): In particular, a lack of humidity makes them brittle and unsuitablefor Fillers. On the other hand, excessive moisture may alterthe product you put into it, and interferes with the work with Fillers.

Between each use, be sure to keep your capsules always in a tightly sealed container, away from heat sources or sunlight.

Under some conditions, the capsules may become electrostatically charged and stick to each other or the equipment; a lubricant such as talc can be used.

 It is of course essential to use good quality capsules especially if one uses a capsule filler to fill: Dimensional accuracy is then essential to have no setbacks. LGA only uses capsules from the best manufacturers in the world, but especially canned and repackages them in optimal conditions, and guarantee a complete traceability.

 Finally, always clean thoroughly the equipment used, first to prevent contamination of the products with each other, and secondly, to avoid fouling mechanisms.

Choose the capsule size to use 

There are 8 standard sizes of capsules, from 0,13ml (size 5) 1,37ml (size 000) of usable volume. To determine the capsule size to use, you must first determine what volume per capsule (the weight multiplied by the density if you know them), taking into account the product itself as well as the added excipients (diluent, lubricant ...).

 Then choose one capsule size above, and adjust if necessary the volume of excipient to reach the theoretical volume per capsule: Indeed, the filling uniformity capsules can be guaranteed that by filling them to the brim and by packing their content and fill them again to the brim.

 Also be sure to prepare a homogeneous powder, fluid, and as much as possible of small particle size, so as to obtain homogeneous and reproducible weight. Do not dry this powder too much, since it could capture moisture from the capsulewalls, and make it brittle.

 Ideally, you should verify this formulation by a filling trial because the powders ability to flowand its compressibility can fluctuate.

Choose a color capsule

Colors have provenpsychological effects on people: Adapt your choices to the type of product: Food additives in bright colors (yellow, red ...), sedative drugs in pastel colors, for instance.

 If you want the product inside to be seen, use transparent capsules, neutral or colored (pink, green ...)

 Color and use of two-color capsules are also an easy and effective way to distinguish your products or your dosages: The consumer identifies more easily and you limit the risk of confusion during manufacturing, packaging or shipping.

In particular, avoid using two capsules sizes in the same color or the same combination of colors: For industrial production in particular, this facilitates control of tools and "empty lines" between two sets.