Gastro Resistant capsuls

Our kits make it possible to prepare gastro-resistant capsules, starting from the capsules filled, by steeping (3 successive steepings) in a food adhesive solution. The process was validated as compliant with the test of the European Pharmacopeia.
The kit includes the solution, the empty capsules and the procedure (in English).

.AppropharmTM is a trademark of LGAR

Beware of confusion between delayed dissolution and gastro resistance.

Several sites claim that delayed dissolution capsules dissolve later (which is true) and therefore release the substance in the intestine (which is false).

In order to release the substance into the stomach, the capsule must be treated to ensure that it is sufficiently protected against acidity. It then becomes gastro-resistant. 

The European Pharmacopoeia tells us that the dissolution time of these gastro-resistant capsules is typically between 2 and 3 hours and never less than one hour.

Furthermore, a capsule, even when clipped on, is not watertight by definition. There is no seal between the body and the head of the capsule. Indeed, when it is in the stomach, gastric juice seeps between the body and the head, diluting the substance. The only way to seal the capsule is to coat the capsule with a protective layer.

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