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Capsule filler with loader 100 TFL,...
Capsule filler with loader 100 TFL,...

Capsule filler with loader 100 TFL, with interchangeable plates, for 100 caps

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  • Very general-purpose apparatus, allowing to fill 100 capsules in one time, for average productions 
  • Capsule filler base with a set of plates for 100 capsules, a tamper and a spreader card
  • Other plate set and loader (loading in 2 x 50) are available in option, as the plates are interchangeable, allowing to rapidly change of capsule size
  • Compact and easy to handle and use 
  • Available for capsules size 000size 00size 0size 1size 2size 3, and size 4
  • Instruction for use available in several languages in the attachments section



Every capsule filler is controlled and tested before being shipped.

What are the benefits of this capsule filler? 

Particularly adapted for small batch productions (typically magistral preparations), this capsule filler has interchangeable plates and thus, avoids to invest in several devices. Fully detachable, it prevents any cross-contamination.

How to maintain this capsule filler? 

Lukewarm water cleaning possible.

Never place the base of the capsule filler in water (risk of substantial and irreversible corrosion). It is recommended for the base: to use alcohol solution or fast-drying product (do not use acetone) and for the plates: lukewarm soapy water, followed by a clear water rinsing and a thorough, careful drying.

It is important to keep the capsules and the capsule filler away from any heat source (sun, heater…). 

How many capsules can we fill at once? 

Device sufficiently reliable and robust for intensive use: fills 100 capsules in just a few minutes, and up to 1 000 capsules per hour!

In what way should the capsule filler be used? 

Position it with the lever in front of you.

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